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eCRUSADers Policy

Information about you: how we use it and with whom we share it

Early Career Researchers Using Scottish Administrative Data (eCRUSADers) at the University of Edinburgh only uses the personal data you have provided in order to deliver eCRUSADers content and updates to you in a personalised manner. To do so, we are using Word Press Mail as our mailing system. The information you provide will be used by eCRUSADers to:

• Keep you up to date with news and progress regarding eCRUSADers
• To inform you of new eCRUSADers blog posts

We are currently using information about you because you have previously indicated your interest by subscribing to our mailing list.

We will hold the personal data you provided us for two years. After this period we will send communication to you querying whether you wish to remain on our mailing list. Alternatively, you can opt out of the mailing list at any time.

eCRUSADers uses a free plugin on called Email Subscribers. None of your data is stored on Email Subscribers. Email Subscribers instead creates the following tables in the eCRUSADers database on plugin activation:

• {prefix}es_emaillist: This has all eCRUSADers subscribers information e.g. name and email address.
• {prefix}es_notification: This has all the post notifications that eCRUSADers creates to send new blog notification
• {prefix}es_sentdetails: This is a logs which has information about post notification and newsletter emails that eCRUSADers have sent
• {prefix}es_deliverreport: This is a detailed logs which has information about post notification and newsletter emails that eCRUSADers have sent

We do not share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law.

We do not use profiling or automated decision-making processes. A human decision maker will always be involved before any decision is reached in relation to you.

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